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While I was going through an old portfolio I found this...




Some careless idiot spilled their drink on this ink painting in 1974 or thereabouts. I remember how bummed out I was when this happened. Of course, I had never photographed this piece because it was ruined. But today I photographed it and the instant I opened the photo in Photoshop I saw how easy it would be to at least repair the photograph. All the tiles are more or less identical. This one was one where I created the grid and drew the elements once on a seperate sheet of paper and then used my light box to draw them again and again in the design. As easy as cut, paste and move. Command E to flatten.






I LOVE this piece. My friend Lewis suggested a title 'Dame's Garden' and since I had forgotten the original title that's the new title. The original is still damaged, of course but I'm considering using this design as the template for a painting on masonite.