Acrylic painting Asleep by Phil Cummings


Acrylic on masonite 9x12 based on the illustration in the book.
Naked and passed out on reds? How many times in the past have I been in this situation? I remembered my anger, my jealousy, the hurt of her coldness but of course none of that had anything to do with my rising sense of excitement. I turned the light out and slipped into bed, naked myself, and snuggled up against her. She didn’t move or react in any way. She was lying on her side facing away from m...e, her legs bent; a fetal ball. I stroked her tits from my position behind her. The nipples hardened. So did my cock resting between her butt cheeks. It might have been my imagination but she reeked of cunt, the whole bed did! 

$540.00 USD