Drawing Cupid by Phil Cummings


“What about Amber? She was OK the last time I saw her.”
“You really don’t know?” There was a pause. “Her and that Rocket Dork went to one of those all-night chapels on the Strip and got married last night!”
“WHAT! I knew she was loose but getting married on the first date…”
“You think its funny? I’m not eighteen yet Paul. I’m too young to rent an apartment! Fucking Amber was my partner! ...I’m totally fucking pissed! They fucking phoned me from the chapel last night at two AM like I was supposed to be fucking happy for them or some Ozzie and Harriet fucking bullshit like that! What a stupid fucking bitch that Amber is, soft as fucking cheese. Jesus! I cant fucking believe it! It was supposed to be a fucking joke wasn’t it?”