Drawing RMMF Nixon by Phil Cummings

RMMF Nixon

“What the fuck has gotten into you Collins? You’re getting out tomorrow you crazy fuck!”
“Yeah, and when I get out I don’t want to have to ask everybody who the next goddamned president is. I’m going to walk out of this place like a free man with my head held high because I’ll know who won without having to fucking ask. I know all you guys think I’m a fucking asshole but that doesn’t matter any... more. I just need you to tell me how it came out. Who won?” I put my hands on my hips and looked him in the eyes.
A wry smile flickered across Mr. Griffin’s face. He was looking at me intently with his dark brown eyes standing there holding the door to my cell open.
“Richard Milhouse Motherfucking Nixon! Now go to fucking sleep!”