Drawing Socko Pops by Phil Cummings

Socko Pops

Meanwhile, Celeste had broken all the rules and gotten up and sat on Mister Socko’s lap, squeezing his rock-hard little wiener into her cunt, massaging his turgid pink-yellow little worm with her well exercised vaginal muscles and wagging her hips back and forth. I thought Mister Socko was going to pop like a giant zit! He was bright red, staring past Celeste at Amber, and as she got her come-bath... he threw his head back and gave a squeal like a pig that just discovered it was in a slaughterhouse. It was totally not human! Celeste reached back as he spasmed and grabbed a sake jug from the coffee table and took a big hit without swallowing. She leaned forward and raised Mister Socko’s head with her hand and squirted a thin stream of sake into his mouth.