Born in Manhattan in 1951; learned to speak; moved to the suburbs; learned to read and ride a bicycle; went to school; moved to the Virgin Islands and learned of tropical breezes, magic and hot views; moved to tumbleweed rattlesnake Las Vegas; struggled to barely graduate high school; worked in the public library; discovered Gibbon, Orwell, Henry Miller; turned on, tuned in and dropped out; had sex for the first time; hitchiked into the ether; lived in the streets, on Muir beach, in crash pads; panhandled and sold underground newspapers; was accidentally in riots; lived in a commune high in the mountains of New Mexico; played electric-Kool-Aid softball with the Merry Pranksters at The Hog Farm; flunked out of the worst university in the country; drew t-shirt designs; lived in a shack on a hillside in Echo Park that teetered over the street; had many loves, broke hearts and had mine broken in turn; read a thousand books and learned that I knew nothing; learned to love films and tried to understand what they were about; did a short animated film; got a job as an inbetweener; voted for the first time; learned the trade and joined a community of bohemians and misfits as the old greats of the industry died off; worked at a hundred studios; 

became an effects animator; worked in San Francisco on Sesame Street; moved to London on a whim; worked as an illegal alien for cash in London and Paris; took the night

boat to Amsterdam; drove to Yemen in an old truck; wandered around Kenya and Egypt; fell in love in London; brought my love and her son to America and got married; conceived two daughters and helped raise them; worked, lived life, drew and painted when I wasnt working seven days a week; 'bought' a house using a lawyer's trick; had many cats and a couple of beloved dogs; animated Laserium shows and rock videos; worked for others when I could, for myself on unemployment when that was happening; worked as an animation timing director; won an 'Annie' and and two 'Emmys'; wrote and profusely illustrated a novel ('Sin City High'- first of four); went to three graduation ceremonies as my children finished college; went shooting and off-road driving in the desert; hiked in the mountains; summited Mt. Whitney on my 45th birthday; became a grandfather; watched old friends and a brother die; discovered a long-lost older brother; struggled to maintain a career in a shrinking industry; had a severe heart attack and recovered; started this website...