Block Printed t-shirts



The t-shirts on this site are hand-printed on shirts I buy at stores or on the internet. The reason that I describe them as 'one-of-a-kind is because they are individually printed and not mass produced. Because of differences in inking and my eyeball registration no two could possibly be exactly the same even though they use the same image. The blocks are not signed or numbered so they are not part of the edition printed on paper. I am selling them as 'one-of-a-kind' items as though I had a stall at an art festival because I am not mass-producing them. You see my entire stock here. If you want an image on a shirt that you dont see just e-mail me ( 

and I'll get you what you want. There are a dozen different color inks.


   I use 50-50 cotton/polyester because the images fade much faster on 100% cotton. The images will begin to fade after several washings but are good for dozens before they look faded.